Try Jan's Stuffed  French Toast at home: 

This simple yet versatile and impressive breakfast offering is easy for anyone to prepare for a holiday celebration group breakfast or an intimate romantic breakfast for two . . 

Start with a freshly baked long, slender French baguette from your local bakery (I get mine at the bakery at Shaw's or, if I want to use a whole grain baguette, I can find it at Hannaford.)

Slice the loaf in half-inch slices, alternating between slicing completely through the loaf and slicing 2/3 of the way through the loaf, creating little bread pockets.  Discard the heels . . . or slather them with butter and jam and eat them while you're cooking!

The biggest decision is what to stuff the pockets with . . . the potential is limitless.  Once you've decided, spread one side of the pocket with one ingredient and the other with another ingredient. 

A good standard is cream cheese and strawberry jam.  Or be adventuresome and try . . . cream cheese and marmalade in whole grain pockets, cream cheese with strawberry and banana slices, ricotta cheese and lemon curd, brie cheese and apple slices, apple and sausage, whatever your imagination can concoct!


4 or 5 large eggs
2-3 cups milk, half & half, or light cream
1-2 Tbsp real vanilla
1-2 Tbsp Chef Paul's Sweetie Magic* or    
   sugar & cinnamon & a pinch of ginger,   
   nutmeg, or whatever suits your taste
Whisk until frothy

Dip stuffed bread pockets in batter until thoroughly soaked.  Place on preheated 375-400 degree griddle and cook until golden; flip with spatula and, again, cook until golden.   

Serve arranged on platter, dusted generously with powdered sugar, and garnished with mint leaves and fresh strawberries or perhaps edible flowers.  

* Sweetie Magic *  is a delightful blend of sugar and spices created and offered for sale by Chef Paul Prudhomme. I order it from his website at and use it in many of my breakfast items.


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